Why do we Love Laminate Flooring? 4

Laminate Flooring, why do we love it?

What is the most frustrating thing about your home? Trying to keep up with the cleaning and chasing the kids around? Well yes, that is frustrating, but we were talking about the decision making when choosing the right flooring for your home, especially when they’re thousands of options to choose from. However, if you have that passion for the natural look, but would need to be more affordable, then Laminate Flooring is the perfect choice for you. In our opinion, laminate is stylish, durable and ideal for busy families with young children. If someone spills a drink, it’s easy to mop and clean.

We we love Laminate Flooring brands

The Look

One of the features that Floor Coverings Local love about laminate flooring is it’s virtually indistinguishable from real timber. The top panel is made from extremely high-resolution photos of natural wood, mirroring all the minor detail, such as the characteristic knots and cracks naturally occur in timber.

There’s an extensive range of tones to choose from. You can lift the mood of your home with an airy whitewashed tone; add a cosy feel with warm browns, or a rustic edge with shades of grey. Even though laminate is a cheaper alternative, it will make your home look elegant and stylish for all your guests to ponder about. A glossy laminate finish will give a gorgeous sheen that can brighten a room and add a luxurious look, while matte finishes offer an understated, neutral look, perfect for a softer vibe or evoking a natural feel. Matte laminate is great for busy areas in your home, such as kitchens, as small scratches will be less noticeable.

Why is Laminate Flooring Affordable?

It is substantially cheaper than hardwood. When you buy laminate and then come to place them in your home, the planks snap together like a jigsaw puzzle, no glue or nailing required. The laminate planks can be ‘floated’ over a range of original sub-floors, such as concrete, tile or hardwood. A popular feature of laminate flooring is the resistance to fading and scratching, making it ideal for high foot traffic areas in your home such as, your living room or hallway. It also copes well with falling objects and scorch marks if people in your home are smokers.

Animal Friendly

At Floor Coverings Local, we’re animal lovers, but we hate the smell of wet dog or cat urine odour stinking the house out. However, laminate flooring takes little effort to keep the floor looking clean and fresh from the bad smells. There’s also no need for harsh chemicals or polishes, which is important if young children are playing on the floor. 

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