Is there a Waterproof Laminate Flooring option in 2020?

When Floor Coverings Local was evolving in Thunscoe during the 1990s, homeowners have been looking for all types of Laminate flooring, especially waterproof options.  


Laminate Floors have become favourites for our homes thanks to their relatively low cost, attractive and modern look, and easy installation, however, these type of flooring products have earned quite a reputation for being problematic in wet conditions, such as spillages, pets and children. They are not nearly as well suited for bathrooms and similar locations as vinyl flooring.

Why isn’t it Waterproof?

The issue is that water creates for laminate flooring is not with the top layer, but with the core. Laminate flooring’s core is little more than a dense type of fibreboard—an engineered product made from wood fibers. Complicating the issue is the click-and-lock joining system used in Laminate flooring which makes it difficult.

All you need to know about Laminate Flooring in Doncaster

Seam gaps are a fibreboard core that equals a flooring that will swell and delaminate when water seeps through the surface layer. One little-known aspect of this moisture-and-laminate issue is that the moisture problem actually starts in the factory, not in the home. Flooring manufacturers have found that high moisture content in the fibreboard particles in the factory can result in poor adhesion of the top melamine wear layer.

Our Response

While most of our time, we sell laminate flooring products that are being used for residential purposes. However, our advice to anyone wanting them installed in moist locations such as basements or bathrooms, is to avoid at all cost.

In other words, laminate flooring loses its warranty coverage if it isn’t waterproof, even if melting snow or rainwater from shoes and boots aren’t wiped dry immediately, this can cause problems with the surface. This is no long-shot scenario. The most common cause of problems with laminate flooring is when moisture penetrates the seams and causes swelling of the fibreboard core and delamination of the surface layer.

Floor Coverings Local

In effort to expand our market, we have tried to develop true waterproof versions of laminate flooring. For example, offers several product lines with a proprietary coating they call Hydro Seal that is applied both to the surface of the planks and the side grooves such as a very tight seams and a water-resistant top layer will make a conventional laminate flooring suitable for cautious use in guest bathrooms.

We will provide you, so that you are careful about immediately mopping up any spills that occur. But for a truly waterproof floor, the flooring material must be engineered with a different type of construction that eliminates the fiberboard core altogether.

A few manufacturers offer laminate flooring products made entirely of PVC plastic, and these products are completely suitable for basements, family bathrooms, and other wet locations. Take a look at these:

  • Parcolys: Based in Belgium, Parcolys offers truly waterproof laminate flooring made with a PVC core. It is 100 percent recyclable, stain-resistant, UV-ray-resistant, and has a 20-year residential warranty. However, availability in Thunscoe is limited.


  • Dumaplast: Another European-based company, Dumaplast makes 100 percent PVC flooring that is similar to Parcolys, but with an additional feature: The underlayment is built into the planks. Here, too, availability in the Thunscoe is limited.


  • Aquastep: Originally a product line within Parcolys, Aquastep is now its own brand, offering a waterproof and extremely strong laminate flooring that can even be used in garages. Aquastep uses a honeycomb PVC core and offers a good selection of wood-look, stone-look, and ship-deck styles. It is currently available in Barnsley and the South Yorkshire

What’s the Alternative?

The Alternative to waterproof laminate flooring will be vinyl flooring, which we provide at a very reasonable cost. Give us a call or drop us an email for a free quotation.