How to Stop Vinyl Flooring from Buckling


How to Stop Vinyl Flooring from Buckling

Vinyl Flooring makes a great solution when you want the luxurious hardwood look, without the heavy price tag.

Easy to install

This cost-effective alternative to hardwood flooring is easy to install, and come in a wide array of different styles to choose from, and is easy to maintain. Vinyl-flooring typically requires either a click-together, loose lay, or a glue-down installation process. However, if not properly installed or maintained, the vinyl flooring may experience plank buckling.

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A Photo showing vinyl flooring buckling in a Rotherham home.

What causes Vinyl Buckling?

Buckling can occur with any type of vinyl flooring, and there are a handful of reasons this problem could become an issue you’re dealing with now. Here at Floor Coverings Local, we’re here to show our customers the understandings and reasons that can help us avoid the problem by taking these easy measures.

Sunlight and Heat

This is a major cause which can occur during the hotter summer months. As the material becomes warmer, it can expand, causing the floor to buckle, but don’t go making the room too cold either – in colder months, the opposite can occur and cause the floor to contract.


Buckling is most common in areas that get more direct sunlight, such as along sliding glass doors and large windows in the home. If the tile is self-stick or glue-down, the extreme heat from the sun can also release the bond of the glue, allowing tiles to shift.

This is especially common in vinyl flooring that has a fiberglass inner layer. The luxury vinyl materials are less likely to buckle than some of the less expensive, economy tile floors.


If water seeps up under the vinyl-flooring from a moist concrete subfloor, the adhesive can be weakened, causing buckling in the floors. During installation, run a vapor barrier under the vinyl plank flooring to help prevent buckling from moisture. The higher quality the material, the less likely it is to buckle due to moisture. If using vinyl plank flooring in a bathroom or kitchen, make sure it is a waterproof version.

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