Summer 2020 Interior Trends

Summer 2020 Interior Trends

Floor Coverings Local in Yorkshire has thousands of Flooring samples to inspire your next summer 2020 project. Throughout the UK Lockdown, we have seen more of our homes in the past three months than we have in all of last year.

Summer Trends 2020

Spending so much more time indoors can lead you to see the things you’d like to improve in your home, such as, the paint job in the kitchen, the tatty flooring in the living room, the old carpet in the kid’s bedroom. If you’re looking at any room that’s lacking a bit of charm, maybe a new carpet or laminate flooring could be the answer.

Summer 2020 New Trends

Carpet and Laminate Flooring is the feature that brings everything else together. So, making the right decision in terms of colour, design and functionality is key. Thankfully, you can find out all you need to know about our new flooring by going to Floor Coverings Local that is soon to reopen following on from Lockdown.

Classic Blue back in for 2020

The classic blue is a real influence on interior design and for summer 2020 is no different. Last year, the colour came with is usual in-depth notes explaining that the colour choice is reflective on the current times that we’re living in.


Now, halfway through the year, this colour choice and the meaning seems more relevant given the current life situation we’re in. Blue is a great choice for a bedroom or bathroom as it evokes feelings of calmness, as well as images of skies and seas. An ideal place if you’re looking to unwind.

Bringing the Outdoors in

Flooring such as wood-effect in either vinyl tiles or laminate is a simple but effective way to give a room a more natural look. And the beauty of these is that they can be paired with virtually any colour scheme or decor. So, whether you’re looking for a earthy-toned dining room or a sandy coloured kitchen, these options are robust and stress-free.

Pink to make the Boys wink

Millennial pink first came to surface in early 2017 and has shown its great staying power ever since. While red is often seen as an interior no-no due to its crowd-dividing boldness, pink – especially in a blush shade – provides all the warmth and passion of its primary cousin without the controversy.

The Staycation

Like most trends of Summer 2020, interior choices reflect the world we are living in, and the mood of society as a whole. If you’re noticing a lot of escapism and nostalgia in these ideas its because so many of us are making most of what we have and adapting to make up for uncertainties we face at the moment.