Cheap Cleaning Hack 2020

Cheap Cleaning Hack 2020

Cleaning carpets maybe a task that nearly all of us face every time, especially when we have parties, children or pets running around the house. However, here at Floor Coverings Local, we have clever cleaning hack that you can use to transform a dirty stain to a clean carpet.

Cleaning Hacks

The Cleaning Hack

When trying to tackle a tough stain on a carpet, many people will take to Google for a ‘Cleaning Tip’ but for some of loyal supporters of Floor Coverings Local, we are about to reveal a cleaning hack for cleaning carpets and removing any stain using just a common household object.

How to Clean your Home

During the Coronavirus Lockdown, some very eager homeowners would have found more time on their hands, especially when it comes to cleaning – Lockdown Cleaning, not your usual Spring cleaning.

Whether cleaning the entire house, or just the living room (as that’s where most people would be staying in Lockdown), getting rid of a stain is a challenge. Our ‘Cleaning Hack’ is however, using a can of hairspray to spray on a stain and blot into it fades.

Other Cleaning Hacks

Other hacks have been recommended, and some do work but depending on the type of stain that it is. One Facebook user recommended using sugar to clump up a nail varnish stain, while others recommend other household products such as, washing up liquid, hand sanitiser, or any other alcohol gel.

cleaning hacks

These types of products will work but nothing will work better than a can of Hairspray, especially when you leave it to sit for a minute and then blot repeatedly until the stain is removed.

Iron Stains Away

What about a dry stain? They can be incredibly challenging to remove, but if you start by soaking a cloth or towel in a solution of one-part vinegar and three parts water. Apply the wet cloth to the stain and leave it for up to five minutes. The vinegar will help to dissolve the stain.

Quickly, place a heated iron directly on the damp cloth and blot in a circular motion applying slight pressure. As you press down, the stain will be transferred from the carpet onto the cloth. If you’ve seen a temporary tattoo before, this is a very similar technique.

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