Carpet Tips: Removing Hair

Throughout Lockdown in South Yorkshire, many households have been adapting to life without some of the following: Hairdressers, retail and restaurants. This has resulted in some ‘DIY’ or makeshift versions of our requirements needs, such as haircuts. A Mum in Yorkshire, shares carpet tips with silicone brush on Removing Hair from our carpets – even the ones that look clean.

Carpet Tips: Removing Hair

Carpet Tips on Removing Hair

Whether you have pets or not, cutting your partner or Children’s hair, you’ll probably still be finding loads of hair every time you vacuum the carpet. However, even when the carpets are clean, there still might be plenty of hair stuck in the pile.

The Woman shared the photo to us here at Floor Coverings Local near Doncaster, and then showed us some Carpet Tips on how to Remove Hair from the fabric.

Despite giving the floor a good vacuum and clean, she used a silicone sweeping brush to go over it after, and the amount of hair she picked up was… SHOCKING!

Silicone Brushes do the Job!

Silicone Brushes are normally used in Hairdressing salons because of how great it is picking up the loose hair, but due to the COVID-19 outbreak and seeing thousands of Hairdressers closing their doors temporary, more people are having haircuts at home – despite the lack of skills and experience.

However, we shared previously that another cleaner shared their tip of doing the same thing on the stairs using a window squeegee (made from the same material). But they had a problem, using the Window Squeegee cause some damage to the carpet on the stairs, which made the owner very unhappy!

So, stick to a normal Silicone Brush – which can be picked up on Amazon at a reasonable price.

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