You Need to Replace your Carpets in 2020

So, it’s been 10 years since you last fitted your carpet, it’s getting a bit torn grubby from the years of foot traffic and mess from children and pets. Regular cleaning might help extend the life, but yours has seen all of its 9 lives – it might be time to replace.

Although regular maintenance can see the carpets have an extension, with the years of use and abuse it will need to be replaced sooner or later. However, there are some signs that are obvious but some can be more subtle.


Read on to see the signs on whether you should replace your carpets in your home.

Floor Coverings Local - Replace your carpets

1) Stains

Living with Pets or Children (or both) can cause you to cover up every little stain on the carpet, it’s always tricky finding an excuse on why a cushion is placed randomly on the floor. I think it is time to replace the carpet – however, at Floor Coverings Local we have carpets that are stain-resistant finish.

Bleach, plant food, tea, wine and mustard are typically the toughest stains to remove, and carpet cleaners say many homeowners make the stains worse by using shoddy DIY stain-removal methods they find on the web, or store-bought carpet-cleaning products that can actually damage carpet with harsh chemicals.

2) Wear and Tear

Replace your worn carpet

Over the years of constant foot traffic, your carpet has seen better days. Putting rugs and matts over the wear and tear to cover up the embarrassment. Polyester carpet has a reputation of matting and losing their form.


Once it falls down and loses its tuft, it doesn’t return to normal, even with professional cleaning. Nylon carpeting, however, is typically more resilient than polyester and responds well to carpet cleaning, even when matted down.

You might be able to fix small tears and rips yourself, or you can hire a carpet professional, like Floor Coverings Local (in Barnsley, Doncaster, Goole and Wakefield) to make the repair. However, large rips and tears tend to signal the carpet needs to be replaced, especially if the tears are present on stairs or major walkways.

3) Bad Smells

Carpets are worse for picking up the wet dog or cat urine smell as it tends to stick to the fabric, no matter how much you clean it. In cases like these, it is more cost effective to replace the entire carpet than to use expensive carpet cleaner which could only work 98% of the time.

4) Carpet Padding

Carpet padding is like the pillow under the case, the carpet is nothing but a layer of fabric without the padding. It helps support the carpet, working as a foundation and making it comfortable to walk and lay on. It buffers sounds and keeps a room quieter and even improves insulation.

However, carpet padding also absorbs many spills, and cleaning the carpet doesn’t necessarily clean the padding. Signs of old padding include unevenness, wrinkles and a crinkling sound when someone walks over it.

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5) Allergy Problems

Often, older carpets catch and retain more allergens and particulate matter, which may cause you and your allergies to act up. If you notice an increase in allergies, one source may be your older carpet and you will need to replace it straight away.

6) The Vintage Carpet

Visiting Grandma and Grandad’s house might feel like time travelling back to the 1970’s – the shag carpet hasn’t been replaced for nearly 50 years. Floor Coverings local say that carpets should last a minimum of 10 years with proper care, and when wears and tears start to show, that’s when you need to replace it with a newer carpet.

Try and convince the Grandparents to replace their old shag carpet!