New Year, Get Things Done! 1

New Year, Get Things Done!

New Year at Floor Coverings

 As ‘Happy New Year’ starts to fade, the real 2020 begins as you start to hoover the carpets, mop the laminate flooring and throw away the tiny pieces of tinsel still left from the Christmas decorations. During the colder winter months, your home can start to look a little drab, but don’t despair! Brighten up the bare windowsill with fresh flowers and enjoy these easy tips on how to refresh your interior this new year, and make your home a happy one ready for the summer parties, BBQ’s and late-night fun.

Floor Decorations for the New Year

If your home has laminate flooring, then lets kick-off with our little favourite rug trick, a bespoke rug that brings colour, pattern and texture to your living room, or any room that you have laminate. This trick has the power to create a whole different mood – a happy one for that recreates the summer feel.


Floor Coverings Local says, we change our clothes with the weather, so why not change our accessories too. We change to adapt the weather, which helps boost our Mental Health – seeing and being around colourful furniture and accessories can help beat the winter blues if we used warmer colours like red, yellow and orange.

Changing the Stairs

What about some new and improved refresh on the stairs? Having a rug going across the middle of each step is an easy way to make a great impact, you’ll be happy for guests to go upstairs and use the bathroom – maybe avoid the kids’ messy bedroom though.

Cleaning Carpets is important in 2020

Lamp Love

It’s amazing what difference a lamp makes – just like a new rug transform’s everything. Changing your shades is easy and a great place to start. Here at Floor Coverings Local, we love a bit of quirkiness in the home, and having great lamps bases and shades is heaven galore. Mix and Match patterns with plain, traditional with modern, it’s a lot of fun. The general rule of thumb for getting the right size lampshade is that the height of the shade should be about three-quarters the height of the base. 

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