Boy, 13, Fits New Laminate Flooring

A 13-year-old son of a Single Mother has saved almost £200 on Laminate Flooring, after he took matters into his own hands during Lockdown and fitted the new floor in her bedroom. Now, how do we sign him up?

boy, 13 fits new Laminate flooring

New Laminate Flooring

A stay-at-home mum, had complained about the state of her bedroom floor after she teared up the old carpet last month. Knowing it would be near-impossible to find a Professional to do the job in Lockdown, her 13-year-old son took matter into his own hands and insisted that he could lay down the new Laminate Flooring.

The new Laminate Flooring was worth £130, and was fitted like a jigsaw – and after two long days of work, the savvy youngster had transformed his mums’ room into a haven of comfort.

The mum then added the finishing touches such as, painting and decorating the walls which costs just £64 – bringing the total cost to just under £200 while also saving another £200 on Labour.

Why Pay more for New Laminate Flooring?

Why do you pay more for Laminate Flooring? Well Laminate Flooring comes in lots of different shades, finishes and thickness of wood, which means it costs more to produce.


Here at Floor Coverings Localhome of Laminate Flooring Doncaster in South Yorkshire, choosing your first laminate flooring is important that you understand what you get for your money and why some products ask you to ‘pay more’ than other products.

This is due to the price difference on a couple of factors such as, the styling, material and the manufacturing process. However, the most expensive Laminate floors have the better locking system which make it easier to fit and they also have thicker, longer lasting wear layer.


  • The Durabilityand Quality of your product is the length of guarantee the manufactures give on a particular range.


  • Laminate flooringwith a 30-year guarantee is going to be more durable/expensive than a laminate with a 5-year plan.

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