The Lockdown Redesign

It’s another idea packed article to keep you going through Lockdown and defeat the boredom blues – At Laminate Flooring Rotherham based here at Floor Coverings Local, in Rotherham, South Yorkshire. We have some ideas on how you can do the Lockdown Redesign for as little as, well FREE!

Shoe Rack Lockdown redesign

Lockdown Redesign = Free of Charge

A little can go a long way, especially when you’re thinking about the simple décor changes such as rearranging furniture, painting the Kitchen an entirely different colour, adding an antique rug from your Great Auntie (which has been hiding in the attic for god knows how many years).

Moving or rearranging furniture or giving that Lockdown Redesign a try determines the feel and function of a room. So, by merely changing things up we can help to change the décor, without even going into our pockets and emptying our wallets.

Styling Tricks

Here we have listed some simple styling tricks to help you change the décor of your home, and embrace the Lockdown Redesign to the best of your abilities. See below the following:

The Furniture

Rearrange sofas and armchairs, offset the coffee table – forget the rule book for a minute and rethink your space imaginatively. ‘Whether it’s moving your favourite occasional chair from your bedroom to your living room window, or reworking accents the simple practice of putting things in a new spot will bring a little excitement to a tired (and at the moment) much-seen room.

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Picture Perfect

Display pictures, posters, anything really that helps give that Fresh Perspective to your home. This is probably one of those jobs that you wanted to do for ages but never got around to doing it! So, whether you have a picture ledge or a gallery wall of hanging frames, a quick reshuffle of positions makes all the difference. Plus, you can give them a much needed clean too – the top frames will need a big duster.

The Lockdown Redesign 1

Move away from the Wall

You may think that pushing furniture against the wall may make the room seem bigger – well that is actually a myth, it’s actually quite the opposite. We probably all have sofas and sideboards butted up against the wall ever since you’ve moved in – so, why not try bringing them out a bit, it will make conversations with close ones feel even closer.

The Lockdown Redesign 2


A simple practice, but a highly effective one for completely changing the look in any room. ‘Restyling your interior is the easiest way to give your space a new lease of life and the good news is that you don’t need to splash the cash to create a fresh new look.’


‘Try stacking books both horizontally and vertically to create a cute vignette,’ Nadine suggests. Or ‘add a few trailing plants to make everything feel organic,’. Our top tip when it comes to styling shelves is ‘be mindful not to over-style’. Less is more, it’s about striking the perfect balance.

The Lockdown Redesign 3