Light Vs Dark: The Hardwood Shade Debate

Light Vs Dark: The Hardwood Shade Debate

When choosing the hardwood that you desire, it is naturally common for Hardwood to span a variety of colours. Both light and dark variations have very different and distinct personalities, but which shade is perfect for your home? Here at Floor Coverings Local | Carpets – Laminates, we have compared the benefits of both, so you can find the best floor choice for you!

Light Hardwood Shade

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For those who are looking to add a little more brightness into your home, light hardwood has that effect. They can make small spaces seem bigger and less claustrophobic than darker hardwood rooms. Any room with limited light sources or natural light will benefit more to a Light Hardwood shade.


Having a family with younger kids, you’re bound to have dust and crumbs on every surface. However, light hardwood will look cleaner longer and require less maintenance. Light hardwood shade also has the same effect on minor scratches: they will be less apparent against the pale wood. This makes lighter hardwood the perfect flooring option for pet owners.

New Homeowners, with a cheaper budget will be looking for floors that are inexpensive. Most lighter shades are less expensive than darker hardwood species. White Oak and Birch are known respectively to be inexpensive, especially compared to Brazilian Walnut or ebony.

Dark Hardwood Shade

When you want to show off your home because who wouldn’t when you’ve spent a lot refurbishing it, dark hardwood is sleek and elegant – you’ll have that excuse to put on a Tux and an evening dress, invite the neighbours’ round, making them think you’re more than wealthy. The strong shade of dark colours will bring a sense of luxury to your home.


The dark colour of the wood allows for a distinct depth and range of grain and shade, it’s beautiful and will also provide the perfect backdrop for your home décor to really pop.

Dark Wood Flooring Shade the better option?

If your home has a lot of foot traffic, naturally darker hardwood has a tendency to be more durable than the lighter equivalents such as Birch, Beech, and ash which all rank lower in our Hardness scale. While walnut, ebony and rosewood all rank higher for the elegant look that you’ll want for your home.

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