Laminate Flooring Trend for 2020

We’re 3 months into 2020 already, how crazy is that?! But it’s never too late to keep your home up-to-date by starting to update your 20-year old carpet carrying bad odours, to the hottest laminate flooring around.

Use this guide to find the best laminate flooring trends and stylish, durable flooring ideas that will keep you trendy for years to come – that’s something to keeping with the kids and times.

laminate flooring trend for 2020

The Laminate Trend

With the rise of other wood-looking options, like vinyl tiles, some homeowners are starting to ask: “Is Laminate Flooring going to be the trend for 2020?” So, what does this mean… is laminate flooring loosing out?

Nah, are you crazy?

The trend has maintained its status for another year as the go-to wood flooring alternative for residential use. This advantage means, laminate flooring technology is having tremendous advancements, allowing floor coverings local in Rotherham to assemble the best laminate flooring around that looks like the real thing.

trend for 2020

In fact, some estate agents are calling this flooring option one of the top styles for an increasingly home value in Rotherham and South Yorkshire alone, with solid hardwood and vinyl coming second and third respectively. Homeowners are finding this to be the most affordable way to achieve their dream look.

Time Travel

We know we can’t change the past, but why would you? Back in the 1980’s when laminate first gained popularity with First-Time buyers looking to get the American homeowner look – the flooring looked cheap and unrealistic, but without that mishap, we wouldn’t have the look that we have today!

The flooring option is going stronger and popular than ever, including the realistic looks and mimicking the current flooring trends in solid hardwood. New technology allows us to replicate hand-scraped wood looks and make them affordable, and easily maintained for homeowners.

However, wood-looks aren’t all you’ll see this year in Rotherham in 2020. Some manufacturers are taking laminate flooring and thinking outside the box with never-before-seen looks for laminate.

What are the looks?

New materials are rising in popularity and the ‘American-made’ products such as,

  • American-made
  • Waterproof


The colours available that are high in trend are as follows:

  • High Variation
  • Gray
  • Blonde
  • Honey
  • Whitewashed
trend for North Yorkshire laminate flooring

What are the best new looks out there?

While smooth flooring options remain classic and nostalgic, this year in Rotherham, 2020 will be all about texture. Expect to see lots of hardscaped and distressed floors coming up such as the following:

  • Hand scraped and Rustic
  • Reclaimed
  • Stone-Look
  • Weathered and Distressed
trend for flooring in Rotherham 2020

Layouts and Patterns for 2020

This year in 2020, its all about getting creative with the flooring in your home. Here at Floor Coverings Local, we have unique and bespoke patterns and unconventional layouts that you will absolutely love.

  • Herringbone
  • Wide Planks
  • Mixed Width
  • Diagonal


When it comes to trend and style, ‘Floor coverings local’ want to make sure that our customers are getting a well-rounded opinion in laminate flooring.

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