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Installing Laminate flooring is pretty simple, but actually navigating and installing on the stairs is the tricky bit. Thankfully, when it comes to lying laminate flooring on the stairs, there are a few tips and tricks that make the job easier. Here at Floor Coverings Local, we have created a handy step-by-step guide for you to follow so you get the right result.


Step 1: Before you start to lay your laminate flooring, make sure that your staircase is prime and ready for action – if you haven’t already, start by removing any existing flooring from the stairs, along with any underlay. Now you will have a bare staircase, ensure you remove paint, adhesive and hammer down any protruding nails. Next it’s time to give them a thorough brush down to create a clean surface.


Step 2:  You may find your staircase will have an overhang from existing nosing. You’ll need to remove this before you can install your laminate floor. To remove the overhang, you can cut it away using a jigsaw, or nail a piece of plywood to the riser to fill in the space underneath.

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Step 3: Underlay is an optional extra, but we recommend it because, it can help muffle sound, improve acoustics and create a more comfortable feel underfoot, it’s particularly important for areas of high traffic such as the staircase. Choose the right underlay for your laminate floor, before securing it to your stairway, ready to install your flooring.

Step 4: You will need to measure the length for the tread pieces, put down the laminate plank across the top of the step, making sure it fits snug as possible. Just a hind, you may need to trim the board down to size. If a single laminate plank is not thick enough to cover the entirety of your step, cut a second plank to size and glue this tongue-to-groove next to your first plank, leaving some room to accommodate the nosing. Ensure that these are all level with a riser on your stairs and they sit snugly on top of the tread pieces.

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Step 5: The Laminate Flooring we need to dry before you can walk on it, start the installation at the top of the staircase and work down to avoid getting stuck upstairs! Glue your tread to the first step, making sure it stays tightly against the back of the step.

Step 6: Finally, once you’ve completed your entire staircase, leave your laminate floor to set overnight and avoid walking on it for around 12 hours. Yes, we recommend that you sleep downstairs – sorry!

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