How to Clean your Home?

Here at Flooring Coverings Local, the home of Laminate Flooring Rotherham, our experts have some advice on How to clean your home and keep safe during the UK Lockdown. All you need to know about how to clean your home coronavirus-free, according to Floor Coverings Local in Rotherham.

How to Clean your Home

Clean your Home Now!

These are the best ways to clean your home, and keep it safe and secure from the evil coronavirus:

Can it live on Surfaces? Yes, transmissions of covid-19 is likely to happen from having close contact with a person who has it, and touching surfaces that have been contaminated from an infected person then touching your own face, mouth or eyes.

The amount of an infectious virus on any contaminated surfaces is likely to have decreased significantly by 24 hrs but regularly cleaning frequently will help it reduced and decrease the risk of you getting an infection.

How often do you need to clean your home? With social distancing now in practice, you should clean your home as regularly as normal. However, take particular care of cleaning kitchen surfaces and bathrooms, especially if someone in the household is displaying symptoms.

Cleaning your Phone

If you’re like us, nearly all of you will be reading this article from your phone – but have you ever wondered how many germs might be joining you as your swipe left or right, flicking through Facebook, double tapping your crush’s Instagram post?

A clean home is a happy home

Disinfecting your smartphones is essential! The most suggested advice to help your clean your device, is to moisten a lint-free cloth, add some soap and give your device/case a thorough wipe down. Soap is important because it causes the virus to break down.