How to install Carpet Underlay

So, you have a new project on your hands – a new look for your home, but you can’t do it yourself. Who do you call? Floor Coverings Local in Rotherham, South Yorkshire. Here’s how to install underlay by yourself.

The project provides a carpet fitting, but how do you even fit a carpet you ask? Laying a carpet is something that we would most certainly recommend is left to the professional tradesman, as they can be very expensive and one single mistake can cost a LOT of money!

How to install Underlay underneath the carpet, which was fitted in Rotherham, south yorkshire.

However, with a few years of experience under our belt, we have listed a few basic pointers that you should remember and hopefully, help you.

The Fitting Tools you will need

The first item on your shopping list, hiring, or “borrowing” from your neighbour is a carpet knee kicker (otherwise known as a carpet stretcher). This will stretch the carpet into position and stop any bubbles from appearing and spoiling the process.

Underlay underneath the carpet, which was fitted in Rotherham, south yorkshire.

The other tools that you will need is a Carpet bolster, which is about 3 inches (and the same as an electrician’s bolster), but with a very blunt and rounded edge. Those with dodgy knees who might need knee pads as you’ll be kneeling down quite a lot


A decent Stanley or hobby knife, and at least 5 brand new blades is also what you’ll need. Making sure you have spare blades is essential as they can blunt quite easily and quickly, trying to cut the carpet. A Blunt blade will only make it fray and wreck the material.

You can practice cutting a carpet into a corner or round a doorframe, if the supplier provides you with a couple of cut offs with the carpet.

Fit the Underlay

Every material, even laminate is supplied with a foam or rubber back which serves as the underlay. There are quite a few different types of carpet underlay available today made from a range of materials that come with both positive and negative aspects.

One of the most known uses these days is PU Foam underlay, this has quite a few benefits such as excellent durability and thermal properties. It is also pretty eco-friendly; however, it tends to be quite expensive.


These are the type of underlays available:

  • Rubber Crumb Underlay: This is a fantastic durability and suitable non-domestic underlay; however, it does lack the thermal insulation and is rather expensive.
  • PU Foam: This modern underlay is excellent with added thermal properties, with comfy underfoot but again is very expensive.
  • Felt Wool: This underlay type is the best in terms of being environmentally friendly as it is made from 100% recycled materials. This underlay type also has great durability and thermal and acoustic insulation making it one of the best choices
  • Felt & Rubber: Felt & Rubber underlay is the best that features a recycled rubber base and felt on top, which gives it that comfy underfoot.
  • All about rubber: This is the most popular over the last few decades, because of it being durable and nice to walk on, however, it does lack the thermal insulation and is not eco-friendly.
How to install Carpet Underlay in 2020 1

How to Lay carpet?

First things first, roll out the carpet in the project room and cut it so it has an extra 200mm (8 inches) all around the room, making sure that any pattern in the carpet is square to the walls and that you cut enough overlap through any doorways.

Now roll it up again and put it to one side. The lay down Newspaper or any other paper sheets, it doesn’t matter. Should you ever need to remove the carpet, you will find that the paper will stop the underlay or foam backing sticking to the floor.

underlay in Rotherham flooring near me

Next, lay the gripper round the perimeter of the room. Wherever there will be a carpet edge, there should be gripper.

Gripper comes with nails pre-installed and is laid about 12mm or half an inch away from the room boundaries, i.e. skirtings etc. The masonry nails in the gripper will usually be tough enough to hammer into floor screed.

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