Engineered wood Flooring Can Change your Home


Engineered wood Flooring Can Change your Home

Hardwood flooring is the most popular yet expensive type of flooring option. However, the overall look will of course make your home feel elegant, adaptable and flexible.  Hardwood has been used in public buildings and homes for decades. Yet, despite its great benefits, hardwood flooring has a set of challenges that make it a hard purchase for homeowners – However, there is a good alternative named engineered wood flooring.

Engineered wood Flooring Can Change your Home

Engineered Wood Flooring easy to Install

The Engineered wood flooring appearance and easy installation, has turned out to be a popular option for many homes. Giving the same appealing feel and unique look, engineered wood is such a great choice for any part of your home.


It is the perfect alternative to solid hardwood flooring. As it is made in layers, it has good durability. It means that it is not prone to warping or shrinking just like the solid wood. Its stability makes it likely to utilize a click system at the seams makes it very easy to install.

Design and Look of Engineered Wood Flooring

Depending on the four aspects, you must look at engineered wood flooring in plank size, surface finish, grain grades, and wood species. However, the grade of hardwood actually will not affect the quality, but the way the floor looks instead.


Each plank has a charm and unique character, and a brushed finish gives the marking and texture more visible. On the other hand, sanded wood is such a perfect choice for interiors with a contemporary style. 

How to Maintain

Most engineered wood floors can be sanded at least twice a year, and then the finish will affect its appearance somehow. Oiled and lacquered finish are popular options to finish the floor. The lacquered finish must be applied to the wood surface alongside the layers to protect it from barriers.

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