Coronavirus Makeover for Red Carpets

Here’s something a little different, who misses watching the award season on TV? It’s a lot better than the stuff we’re having at the moment – try and remember the times of the Rich and Famous walking down the famous Red Carpet, well it could be a long time until you see that – Hollywood is looking at a Coronavirus Makeover.

Coronavirus Makeover for Red Carpet events

The Coronavirus Makeover

Red carpets, the movie and television premieres and the award shows, thrive on the buzz of the excited audience watching from the comfort of their own home but ever since the outbreak of the global pandemic, we’re about to see a Coronavirus makeover.

Red Carpets of the near future will look very different – if they happen at all. Crowds of photographers, A-Listers, publicists will not be attending the same ‘Red Carpet Premiere’ that we all know and love.