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Best Laminate Flooring Brands in 2020

At Floor Coverings Local in South Yorkshire and West Yorkshire, we know all about the best laminate flooring brands and which ones should be avoided. We’ve got the answers in this very helpful guide, it’s not worth missing out and saving money on affordable laminate flooring.

Winner: Mohawk and Pergo Brands

Here are our top reasons why Mohawk and Pergo are the best Laminate brands on the floor covering market. Every company say they make the best laminate flooring, but does it look good after 5 years of installation? These brands will keep their good lucks for a very long time, think of Tom Cruise, nearly 60 years old and still jumping across buildings for the next mission impossible.

Speaking of the impossible, these brands will be impossible to let you down. They prevent moisture from seeping between the planks. The edges are coated with Hydroseal Sealant and a protective coating around each edge for further protection. The construction allows you to wet mop your Mohawk or Pergo flooring without fear of damage. Use it in the kitchen or bathroom or basement. It will be Okay.

We we love Laminate Flooring brands

It’s also the eco-friendliest laminate flooring brands on the market, they recycle all their materials so that no Laminate or chemicals are left in a landfill.

In 2nd Place: Shaw

This is the UK’s best-selling waterproof laminate flooring like most other products, but this particular brand is guaranteed to resist moisture absorption for 24 hours. In addition, the resisting water damage, they even offer a huge range of other options of laminate flooring.

Runners Up: Best Affordable Laminate - Tarkett

All you need to know about Laminate Flooring in Doncaster

Tarkett makes laminate flooring at all quality levels, but the focus here is on their very affordable laminate flooring.

Why are they so cheap? It’s simple their range costs around £99 per square foot, with plenty of selection in rustic, traditional, contemporary and modern designs.

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