Have A Clean Home in Lockdown

Here at Floor Coverings Local, we have some security tips for you on having a clean home during the UK Lockdown. We are advising our customers to take care, ensuring that properties are safe and secure

A clean home is a happy home

A Clean Home is a Happy Home

Even though we should always be careful of burglars and any other criminal person, there is one more threat that we should be keeping safe from – THE CORONAVIRUS (or Covid-19 as its scientifically called). So, having a clean home will defiantly put your worries to bed. 

Washing our hands regularly (to the tune of Happy Birthday) will help stop you catching the virus, while staying at home will not only stop burglars coming to break in but will also stop the spread and stop us reaching a second peak of this invisible killer.  

So, please from everyone here at Floor Coverings Local, the home of Laminate Flooring Rotherham, keep your home safe, stay safe yourself, protect the NHS and save lives.


We are all in this Together

Keep Your Home Safe

While ‘Lockdown’ is still in action in the Rotherham and South Yorkshire region with our safety in mind, many opportunists are using this time to conduct illegal activities, such as home and office break-ins due to people staying at home at working, or moving in with a partner who may live somewhere else.

Below, we share some tips on how to keep your home safe, family, pets and belongings.

Check Security Equipment

Whether you have CCTV, Intruder Alarms or any other type of security device at your home, ensuring it is fully functional, updated and in working order is a must. Proving to be hugely effective deterrents while helping catch intruders in the act, can you really afford not to audit your security equipment?  

Nearly all attempts of Burglary are gaining entry to a property through an open gate, door or window. This is why checking all are closed and locked is highly important.

This includes external doors, windows, patio doors, shed doors, garages, etc. Maybe you should consider adding more padlocks if you want that extra security.

Expensive Belongings in full View is Enticing criminals

It is a great idea to keep any expensive items such as, game consoles, TV’s, phones, etc. or sentimental items in a safe place, away from the window and completely out of sight from the front and back garden.

This will limit your home being targeted for a specific item that a burglar has seen. That being said, if you have a security camera near the windows – even better, you should be able to see anyone walking up to the house when they shouldn’t.